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Horizon Inn and Suites is a proud member of the Belle Glade community. Belle Glade is the largest city within 2,862,000 acre subtropical Everglades in the heartland of Florida. Originally known as Hillsboro, Belle Glade was incorporated in 1928 with a population of 500 people.

Over the years and into today, the Glades maintains being a major hub of the Florida Heartland as one of the country’s top suppliers of vegetables, fruits and sugar cane. Although green beans led the way at one time,

today's most important crops are celery, lettuce, sweet corn, and sugar cane. The area is also well known for its ornamental cane fields and sod farms.

The Belle Glade Marina Campground has become a home away from home for many visitors who want to try their luck catching one of the "Big O's" famous wide mouth bass. The campground offers 350 campsites, tent camping, boat ramps, picnic facilities and miniature golf. It is in walking distance to a challenging 18-hole public golf course.

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Lawrence E. Will Museum

Lawrence E. Will Museum is just 14 minutes away from the Horizon Inn and Suites

Lawrence E. Will collected stories about life in the Glades from the 1890s to the 1930s. These he integrated into his books, along with his personal experiences around Lake Okeecho...


Glades Pioneer Park

Glades Pioneer Park is just 40 minutes away from the Horizon Inn and Suites

Pioneer Park has everything to offer a family reading for fresh air and relaxation. The large shelter can be reserved for large gathering plus numerous small shelters scattered aro...


Skydive Palm Beach

Skydive Palm Beach is just 175 minutes away from the Horizon Inn and Suites

If your goal is to make a Tandem Skydive in South Florida, with amazing views of the Palm Beaches and Lake Okeechobee, with some of the most experienced and professional Skydive In...

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